Price: £75 full / £54 members & concessions / £38 under 25

The Swinging Sixties are over! A time of peace and love gives way to anger, disillusionment and protest. Vietnam. Watergate. The oil crisis. And out of this fury comes a new breed of filmmaker. Those with a different story to tell. The emergence of Scorsese and Coppola and their dark tales of crime, loneliness and revenge; Spielberg and the dawn of the blockbuster; and a young filmmaker from a galaxy far, far away who would change the landscape of movies forever – all will be explored as we dive deep into the ‘70s, and the rebirth of Hollywood. Titles to be discussed will include Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, The Godfather, Serpico and Dog Day Afternoon.


Tutor: Adam Pepper 

Duration: 10 weeks

When: Thursday evenings from Thursday 9 May, 7pm–8.30pm
Price: £75 full / £54 members & concessions / £38 under 25

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