Price: £70 / £50 memb & conc / £35 under 25

This course is designed to investigate questions about one of the most fascinating and complex categories in film history. What does ‘film noir’ actually mean? Does it apply only to American films? Is it a genre? Why is it known by a French term rather than an English one? How can we explain why these ‘dark’ films came to be made? Our collective investigation into film noir will consider its visual style and narrative themes; gender, including such archetypes as the private eye and femme fatale; influences and antecedents such as hard-boiled fiction and German expressionism; the impact of wartime and postwar fears and anxieties; low-budget noir; noir stars such as Humphrey Bogart; and ‘international’ noir.

Tutor: Ian Brookes
Duration: 10 weeks

Wednesday evenings commencing WED 12 JAN, 7PM-8.30PM
Price: £70/£50 memb & conc/£35 under 25

Please note, this course has a maximum capacity of 20 participants.

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