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A Near Now Keynote Talk presented by Broadway Arts & Tech

Finding creative solutions to waste plastic with Nottingham artists, designers and makers.

Learn about our mission to transform waste plastic into art, innovation and opportunity.

Through Broadway's Near Now Fellowship, we have supported Nottingham's new creative hub Future Makers to build a waste plastic repurposing studio. Together, we have been creating new ways for artists, crafters, makers and innovators to engage with recycled plastic in their projects.

In this Near Now Keynote Talk, find out more about the project and our work with talented Nottingham creatives through a process of exploring waste plastic as a sustainable material for art & design.

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Supported by Innovate UK and using public funding by Arts Council England.

Near Now is Broadway's studio for arts, design and innovation. We work with people and companies to make, and make sense of, technology in everyday life.

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