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Sound Catchers is a concept for outdoor performance using live percussion, dance and digital technologies that will be presented by Broadway for Nottingham Light Night in February 2024. It will be a free outdoor show suitable for audiences of all ages. 

This month Sound Catchers visited Broadway for a Studio Talk and Workshop session, a live recording of the Studio Talk will be available soon.

Who and What are Sound Catchers?

Presented by Broadway Arts & Tech for Nottingham Light Night 2024.

The Sound Catchers are ‘otherworldly’ beings visiting the planet Earth to learn about its human inhabitants through their unique senses using sound and movement.

Find the Sound Catchers outside Broadway and roaming Hockley for a playful exploration of what it means to communicate and belong as they negotiate this strange new environment.

A fun, interactive show with live percussion, dance and cutting-edge digital technologies that all can join in with!

Performance Times

Three performances take place at set times each day. Watch (and listen) out for them on Broad Street or check the timings below.

Meet the team of local creatives behind the Sound Catchers' masks after their final performance on Friday from 9:30PM at Broadway.

Performances on Saturday 3rd February feature a community cast of dancers and artists from the Nottingham area.

Please note timings may be subject to change.

Friday 2 February


  • Performance 1


  • Performance 2


  • Performance 3


  • Meet the Sound Catchers team at Broadway

Saturday 3 February


  • Performance 1
  • Featuring community cast members


  • Performance 2
  • Featuring community case members


  • Performance 3
  • Featuring community cast members

Find out more about the Sound Catchers project at

NOTICE: Includes some loud noises, optional interaction, some bright lights

Taking place on Broad Street and Hockley streets (in vicinity of Broadway)

Presented by Broadway's Near Now using public funding by Arts Council England.

Photography by David Wilson-Clarke.

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