Pay What You Feel - tickets from £2 to £10

  • Directed by: Jim Henson
  • Cast: Jim Henson, Kathryn Mullen, Frank Oz
  • Year: 1982
  • Duration: 93min
  • Certificate: PG
  • Type: Film

In this immersive and fantastical adventure from the creators of the Muppets, a mystical planet has fallen under the barbaric rule of the evil Skeksis, vulture-like beasts who have all but exterminated the peaceful Gelfling. Featuring enjoyable parallels to the escapades of J.R.R Tolkein's hobbits, this is a film steeped in dark, dreamlike landscapes and stunningly elevated by big-budget animatronics.

Pay What You Feel Screening - tickets from £2 through to £10 - it's up to you!


Presented as part of Nottingham Puppet Festival


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