• Directed by: Paola Cortellesi
  • Cast: Paola Cortellesi, Valerio Mastandrea
  • Language: Italian with English subtitles
  • Year: 2023
  • Duration: 118min
  • Certificate: 15
  • Type: Film

Italian neorealism meets dramedy in star comedian Paola Cortellesi's charming crowd-pleaser about the liberation of an oppressed working-class wife in post-war Rome.

Delia struggles to make ends meet in a city that rejoices that the war is over but still grapples with its aftermath. At home, she is scolded by her father-in-law and abused by her violent husband. When she's not taking care of the household and trying to keep her unruly sons in check, she rushes between odd jobs. But one day, a mysterious letter arrives – which ignites Delia’s courage to imagine a better future. It's no wonder that this perfectly polished gem – has been seen by a record-breaking four million Italians! - Gotenborg Film Festival


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