• Directed by: Domee Shi
  • Cast: Rosalie Chiang, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Sandra Oh
  • Year: 2021
  • Duration: 96min
  • Certificate: PG
  • Type: Film

Mei Lee is a confident, dorky 13-year-old torn between staying her mother’s dutiful daughter and the chaos of adolescence. Her protective, if not slightly overbearing mother, Ming, is never far from her daughter – an unfortunate reality for the teenager. And as if changes to her interests, relationships and body weren’t enough, whenever she gets too excited, she suddenly turns into a giant red panda!


This is a Supportive Environment Screening.

Our Supportive Environment Screenings are specially adapted to be more welcoming and accessible to people with additional needs, such as autism and other neurodiverse conditions.

Everyone should be able to experience the delight that cinema can bring in comfort. So during Supportive Environment Screenings, we:

  • leave low lights on in the auditorium 
  • make sure that the volume is reduced
  • allow customers to move around
  • allow customers to make noise
  • allow customers can take a break during the film
  • show films with captions, when available - this can help with processing verbal information


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